We believe in partnering with exceptional management teams that are true leaders in their field, who possess the convictions, tenacity, and fortitude to rise to the top of their market niche, and who want an investment partner with the skills and financial resources to help them reach their goals. Our goal is to help you reach yours.

A True Partnership

We are dedicated to partnering with portfolio companies, not running them. Our role is to serve as a trusted advisor for financial and strategic decisions, help identify and implement improvement opportunities, and assist with due diligence and integration for strategic add-on acquisitions, not take over the day-to-day operations of the business.

Appropriate Capital Structure

We do not over-lever our companies. Rather, with our long-term focus on value creation to both our investors and management teams, we look to provide an appropriate capital structure to maximize total value for all parties. Given our commitment to helping our management teams achieve their goals, all incentives are therefore aligned.

Management Co-Invest Opportunity

Because our goal is to help you achieve yours, we provide our management teams with the ability to co-invest alongside us, further aligning our commitment to you.

Sustained Growth

We believe sustained growth can only be achieved through operational investment and continuous improvements. As such, we do not rely on financial engineering to generate increased cash flows.

Shared Success

Every employee will be provided with a clear picture that defines the success of the business. As such, we believe every employee should benefit with the company’s success and will share in the company’s prosperity through bonus and incentive programs.

Open Book Management

We believe providing all employees with relevant financial and operational information helps them make better decisions. This philosophy leads to a better working environment for employees and ultimately, a more successful company.