In February of 2009 we sold our family business, The Maiman Company, to what is now a $9 billion revenue publicly traded global leader in door opening solutions. Through nearly 20 years of ownership, we developed The Maiman Company into one of the most respected and well-known wood door manufacturing companies in the United States. After purchasing the company in 1990, we injected a culture of innovative operating and financial expertise, provided open book management, created an employee shared bonus system based on the after-tax cash flow of the business, and instituted a culture of safety including over 12 years of mill production without a single lost work day due to injury. Under our ownership we successfully expanded the business across the U.S., patented and brought to market two new door products in the national marketplace, were able to successfully navigate and survive challenging market cycles during two decades of ownership, and strategically updated equipment. The Maiman Company’s products can be found in a number of nationally recognized buildings including the Old Executive Office Building in Washington D.C., the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, the Widener Memorial Library at Harvard, the University of Virginia, the Boston Public Library, and the Texas State Capital.

Because of our unique combined backgrounds, we understand the challenges often faced by family businesses, entrepreneurs, management teams, and corporations. We will therefore work collaboratively to create customized solutions for complex situations. As we like to say, “we’ve been shot at and missed, crapped at and hit” multiple times throughout our career. These experiences have enabled us to be successful at creating value for shareholders and at the same time have empowered our employees and managers to achieve significant success. Our backgrounds include merger and acquisition investment banking, private equity investing throughout the entire capital structure, investing in other family run businesses, and successfully acquiring, growing, and selling our own family business. As a result of our viewpoint from all sides of the transaction and having sat in your seat, we are particularly knowledgeable and sensitive to all factors, risks, and gut churning decisions that go into a business owner’s thought process. We understand having “all your eggs in one basket” and the desire to achieve liquidity yet continue to see the importance of having what you worked hard your whole life to create continue on into the future. We will therefore work with you to create the most advantageous structure for all stakeholders and post-investment will move forward together as one cohesive team.