Experienced Operating Professionals

Many middle market companies have significant growth and profit potential, but lack adequate capital, operational, or financial management resources to realize their potential. At Bennett Capital Partners, we will support our portfolio management teams, helping provide them with all resources necessary for their business to grow. Our professionals bring over 40 years of collective operating and P&L management experience and have run both private companies and a division of a public company. We have also owned our own family business for over 19 years and have worked through multiple financial, market, and industry cycles. As value driven investors, we will partner with our portfolio company management teams to provide: hands-on assistance with strategic, tactical, and financial planning; support and assistance with operational improvements; team-based continuous improvement; and due-diligence and integration support for strategic add-on acquisitions.

Committed General Partners

In order to align interests of all stakeholders, the general partners of Bennett Capital Partners are committed to investing in EVERY deal the fund makes. This philosophy ensures engaged involvement from general partners and highlights our commitment to our portfolio companies’ long-term success.

Engaged Limited Partners

Bennett Capital Partners has a unique limited partner base consisting of former business owners and senior executives. Our limited partners do not simply sit on the sidelines. BCP limited partners are expected to offer their business knowledge and expertise to portfolio company management when appropriate. Our diverse limited partner base has a vested interest in seeing a portfolio company succeed. As such, limited partners are available to portfolio company management teams for strategic advice, operational implementation, industry and financial knowledge, and add-on acquisition due diligence.

Side-by-Side Partner

We are dedicated to partnering with portfolio companies, not running them. While our skill set is meant to complement existing management’s strengths, we are willing to be proactive and hands-on with our portfolio companies. Our highly centralized focus, roll-up your sleeves nature, and long-term investment horizon provides the flexibility to consider investments in companies that may require operational support and resources post-closing. Family run businesses, corporate divestitures, or companies that will have post-closing voids in key management positions are all areas where we look to add value. Our partnership with management and team-based model incorporates collaboration, data-driven decision making, and continuous improvement. We will work with management to set realistic goals and expectations, conduct effective problem solving meetings, help select and develop team members, gather and analyze data, align team objectives, and celebrate success through open book management and bonus sharing programs. Our experience, work ethic, and relentless pursuit to partner with solid management teams to build successful companies is what allows us, through our team-based continuous improvement approach, to help middle market companies reach their growth and profit potential.

Operational Improvements, Not Financial Engineering

Bennett Capital Partners focuses on long-term valuation creation, not the short-term quick flip strategy. Other private equity firms try to create value merely through financial engineering, often stripping a company of its ability to generate sustainable growth. We create value through operational improvements. Our operating and investment professionals have developed and implemented operational improvements and understand the benefits of long-term value creation. To support this approach, our platform company capital structures are designed to provide management with the long-term flexibility to support investments in infrastructure, operational improvements, organic growth, and strategic acquisitions. We will not over-lever our company’s capital structure, rather, we will provide portfolio company management teams with the resources to help them build a better business. Our unique model provides a refreshing alternative and enables us to create partnerships with our portfolio companies.

Long-Term Vision

At Bennett Capital Partners, we do not acquire a portfolio company and then immediately begin the exit process. Our investment time frame is not the traditional three to five years that most private equity firms use. We are committed to long-term value creation and can hold an investment until optimal exit conditions exist in order to maximize returns for all stakeholders.

Our Commitment to You

With BCP, we have a structure that is unique versus the existing alternatives currently available to family businesses, founders, and management teams. Having been in your shoes before, we understand the challenges that are presented to you on a daily basis. Our commitment is to help you through these adversities and provide you with the necessary resources to achieve what your business is capable of obtaining.