Bennett Capital Partners (BCP) is a private investment partnership founded on the principles and conviction of providing a unique option to business owners looking for an exit strategy other than what traditional private equity or strategic acquisition partners provide today.  At BCP, we provide owners, founders, and families looking for an exit or recapitalization opportunity with liquidity and a strategic and highly engaged investment partner.  Our philosophy of aligning economic interests of all stakeholders is a core ingredient to our model and will allow us to partner with our companies in a way where the long-term vision of the current owners and investors remains intact.  As such, we look to build better businesses through operational improvements, professional management practices, and profitable business growth rather than through financial engineering.

We will partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, management teams, and corporations who share a common vision for maximizing value creation. We will structure each investment to align the economic interests of all constituencies: co-owners and management teams, our fund’s limited partners, and all BCP investment professionals. Accordingly, we will work closely with each management team to construct performance targets and incentive programs that align with the company’s strategic roadmap and support the ultimate objective of rewarding value creation.

The partners at Bennett Capital Partners come from entrepreneurial and financial backgrounds and have navigated all economic and life cycles a company experiences.  We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve the same successful outcome as we partner together to grow great companies.